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Entomology Seminar Series

The Department of Entomology sponsors a seminar series covering a wide range of topics and speakers. Seminars are normally held in Waters Hall Room 126 on most Mondays of the spring and fall semesters. We typically enjoy some social time with light snacks from 3:40 until 4 pm, when the seminar begins. please come and join us!

In addition to maintaining a high caliber of speakers, each year the department recognizes alumni and other scientists for their contributions to the science of entomology via the Distinguished Alumnus Award and the Theodore L. Hopkins Distinguished Colloquium Award. The students of the Popenoe Entomology Club also select the Popenoe Speaker each year and sponsor his or her visit to the department.


Spring 2014 - Monday at 4 pm, Waters 041

(unless otherwise noted)


DateSpeaker and Presentation Topic/Title
January 27 Habib Khan (KSU Department of Environmental Health): Hazard Communication Training - WTD162
February 3David Gordon (Associate Professor, Pittsburg State University): The Role of Pittsburg State University in the Discovery of Phlebotomine Sand Flies In Kansas: An Introduction to the Research Opportunities at a Primarily Undergraduate University
February 10Wen-Po Chuang (KSU Entomology): Plant-insect interaction - Caterpillar spit and frass with maize defense
February 17Jaime Pinero (Lincoln University, Jefferson City, MO): (Host: Jim Nechols): Exploiting Synergistic Interactions Within and Across Insect Sensory Modalities for the Benefit of Pest Management
February 24Erick Cordeiro (KSU Entomology; Research Proposal Seminar):
March 3 Santimukul Santra (Pittsburg State University, Chemistry): In the Age of Polymer Science: Polymeric “Nano-Bio” Theranostics to Solve Environmental and Human Health Problems
March 7* Yong-Lak Park (West Virginia University): (Host: Josh Urban): Popenoe Speaker: Spatially-Targeted Pest Management Using Geospatial and Aerospace Technologies. *Please note that this seminar will be held on a Friday at 1:30pm in Cardwell 103
March 10 No Seminar - ESA-NCB Meeting (Des Moines, Iowa)
March 17 Spring Break
March 24 Alexander Crownover (KSU Engineering undergraduate; Entomology Minor): Lighting our World
March 31 No seminar
April 7 CANCELED Shaden Kamhawi (NIAID/NIH): Pertinence of sand flies in advancing Leishmania vaccine research: a tale of vector-transmission models and salivary proteins
April 11* Claire Kremen (University of California at Berkeley): Hopkins Lecture: Restoring Pollinator Communities and Services in Intensively Managed Agricultural Landscapes.  *Please note that this seminar will be held on a Friday at 1:30 in Cardwell 103 The archived seminar is available here:
April 14 Grad Student Research proposals: Stephen Losey (KSU Entomology): Dispersal ecology and population structure of Cryptolestes ferrugineus (Stephens); and Aaron Cato (KSU Entomology): Geographic Variation of Phosphine Resistance in the Red Flour Beetle,Triblolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae), and work on a phosphine quick test
April 21 Marcellus Caldas (KSU Geography and Office of International Programs): What is the dynamic process behind land use and land cover change in the Brazilian Savanna?
April 28 Theodore Morgan (KSU Biology): The evolutionary genomics of thermal acclimation traits in nature
May 5 Anna Whitfield (KSU Plant Pathology): Dissecting the molecular interplay between plant viruses and their arthropod vectors
May 12 Shelly Wiggam-Ricketts (KSU Entomology; Research Proposal Seminar): Pollinator responses to rangeland management practices in the Flint Hills ecoregion
Streaming Video

Some Seminars are available LIVE via streaming video (using windows media player). Go to video page before the start of seminar . Archived seminars are available the week following seminar.

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