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Department of Entomology

Department of Entomology
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Department of Entomology

Course Title: Biology of Disease Vectors of Human and Veterinary Importance

Course number: ENTOM 849

Delivery Method: On Campus  Credits:

Description: This course focus will be vectors of medical and veterinary importance. Students will learn several underlying aspects involved in pathogen-vector-vertebrate host interactions, including those associated with cellular, molecular and innate immune response of insects to pathogens they transmit.  Students will be introduced to current research programs and topics of interest in the field of medical entomology, including the development of vector-based strategies to fight disease transmission. Knowledge of pathogens, insect physiology, immunology. Undergraduate students will be accepted based on instructor permission.

Core Area: Food Safety, Public & Animal Health  Instructor: Marcelo Ramalho-Ortigao  Semester: Fall, odd years  Prerequisites: General Entomology (ENTOM 312)