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The bindweed gall mite, Aceria malherbae Nuzzaci is a mite introduced from Europe to help control field bindweed, Convolvulus arvensis L. The mites are tiny, elongated organisms with 2 pair of legs. They feed along the upper leaf surface causing the leaves to fold and causing the mid-vein of the leaf to thicken, turn pinkish and develop bumps. Heavy populations can severly distort the bind weed plants and eventually kill the plants.


Bindweed leaf showing folding of leaf, swelling of mid-vein and bumps along the mid-vein of the leaf caused by bindweed mite feeding. 


Bindweed leaf showing pink mid-vein.


Bindweed leaves distorted by bindweed mite feeding.


Leaf tissue under microscope pulled back to expose bindweed mites.