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Potato Psyllid Survey

Website Address: http://entomology.k-state.edu/extension/special-projects/potato-psyllid-survey/index.html This research is being conducted USDA-ARS-Weslaco. Samples are being collected by Kevin Deroo of Premium Source Ag. and being processed by Donald C. Henne and others at, USDA-ARS, Weslaco, Texas.


The potato psyllid adults in each field are monitored with 5 yellow sticky card traps in a transect from the edge of the field to the center that are changed weekly. Egg and nymph counts are from leaves collected from the perimeter of the field (10 compound leaves from each of 10 locations). Kansas leaf samples -Cowgill 45: 16 eggs, 92 small nymphs, 34 large nymphs. Cultivar 'Atlantic' planted March 18, 2012. Imidacloprid and Thimet at planting. Movento @ 5 oz/acre applied 5/2 and 5/9. Oberon @ 8 oz/acre and Pounce @ 6 oz/acre applied 5/16. Endigo @ 4.5 oz/acre applied 5/23. Oberon @ 8oz/acre and Pounce @ 6 oz/acre applied 5/30. Agrimek @ 3.5 oz/acre applied 6/6. Thiodan @ 1.33 qts/acre applied 6/17. -Tri5: 1 egg, 0 small nymphs, 1 large nymphs. Cultivar FL1867 planted April 20, 2012. Imidacloprid and Thimet at planting. Movento @ 5 oz/acre applied 5/29 and 6/6. Oberon @ 8 oz/acre and Pounce @ 6 oz/acre applied 6/13. Endigo @ 4.5 oz/acre applied 6/18. Oberon @ 8oz/acre and Pounce @ 6 oz/acre applied 6/26. Data from this season. 2012 potato psyllid data
For additional information contact: Donald C. Henne, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Subtropical Pest Management Laboratory Texas AgriLife Research - Weslaco 2415 E. Highway 83 Weslaco, TX 78596 (956) 969-5634 (office) (806) 670-8052 (cell) dchenne@ag.tamu.edu Link to earlier reports -- Potato Psyllid Survey -- Archived Reports - April and May 2009 Archived Reports - June and July 2009 Archived Reports - August and September 2009 Data from 2010 Data from 2011 Information on Potato Psyllids and Zebra Chip Disease Potato Zebra Chip Disease: A Phytopathological Tale (Plant Health Progress - March 2010) Bacterium Identified as Potato Disease Culprit (Plant Health Progress - Oct 2009) Research Project: Biology, Etiology, and Management of Zebra Chip Disease (Texas A&M) Biorational Control Methods for Insect Pests of Potato (USDA) Zebra chip - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Zebra Chip Disease of Potato - TAMU System Agricultural Research and Extension Center Zebra chip pictures -- Whitney Cranshaw -- Forestry Images.org People only eat 1 when the chips are brown. - AgriLife research Potato Psyllids- Whitney Canshaw -- Colorado State University For more information contact:
Phil Sloderbeck Extension Entomologist Kansas State University Southwest Research and Extension Center 4500 East Mary St. Garden City, Kansas 67846 Phone: 620-275-9164 E-mail: psloderb@ksu.eduJohn A. Goolsby, Ph.D. Research Entomologist, Biological Control of Pests and Weeds United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service Kika de la Garza Subtropical Agricultural Research Center, Beneficial Insects Research Unit 2413 East Highway 83, Weslaco, Texas, USA 78596 Phone: 956-969-4803 E-mail: john.goolsby@ars.usda.gov