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Department of Entomology

Department of Entomology
123 W. Waters Hall
1603 Old Claflin Place
Kansas State University
Manhattan KS 66506-4004

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 Entomology's 2025 Strategic Plan

Entomology 2025 Plan

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FFA Collections

The Popenoe Entomology Club sells insect collections as a service to FFA (Future Farmers of America) instructors. The collections include 67 specimens needed to study for the FFA Entomology Contest, which is sponsored by the Department of Entomology, Kansas State University.

Tours of Department Facilites

The tours committee functions to educate school children and other groups interested in learning more about insects. The Insect Zoo, located in the old dairy barn by the K-State Gardens, is the focus of these tours. Graduate students conduct hands-on tours of the zoo, instructing children in a variety of facts concerning both the living and preserved specimens on display.

Professional Development

Professional development workshops are held monthly during our club meeting times. These professional development events include informational panels from experts in their fields, mock interviews, writing workshops, invited speakers, and more.

Fund Raising Activities

Apart from selling insect collections to FFA, additional funds are raised by selling T-shirts and honey at various events and sites on and off campus. The funds thus raised are used to support student travel and to help the students meet resource needs.

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Cameron Osborne
Cameron Osborne



Jacqueline Maille

Vice President


Collecting Trip

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