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Proper Pipette Disposal

There is a wrong and a right way to dispose of your pipette tips. Here are the guidelines for the proper procedure:
  1. Make sure the solvent is not on the P-list. You can find the P-list in Appendix A of the Kansas Hazardous Waste Generator Handbook at:
  2. Empty any liquid from the tips into your hazardous waste container as you normally do.
  3. If the solvent is not on the P-list, seal the empty tips in a zip-lock bag. Do NOT label the bag.
    Throw the bag in the ordinary trash.
    Do NOT save the bags of tips in the fume hood or anywhere else in the lab.
  4. If the solvent is on the P-list, the procedure will be different.
    Anyone using P-listed chemicals should contact either the safety coordinator* or Public Safety for waste handling instructions.

*John Gamble, CSP Health, Safety, and Environmental Coordinator K-State Research & Extension. Gamble’s office is located at the Kansas Department of Agriculture. He can be reached at jhgamble@ksu.edu or 713-835-0431.

Safety Coordinator

This position is currently vacant.