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Department of Entomology
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Entomology 2025 Plan

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K-State Extension Entomology - Overview

knowledge for lifeExtension Entomologists are broadly knowledgeable over a wide range of insect and related arthropod topics. Public support is offered through an insect identification services, 4-H and Youth programs, pesticide safety training, and training for pesticide application certification. An integrated pest management approach is used in providing the public with programs and information on insects and other arthropods of importance to field and horticultural crops, livestock, stored grain, residential environs, and human health.

Assimilating research results into a user-friendly format for public use and benefit is a continuous process. Programming is routinely coordinated among entomologists and members of other academic departments and many governmental agencies. Each fall a one- or two-day KSU Research/Extension Entomology Conference is held to ensure a comprehensive, in-house transfer of information and exchange of ideas. Entomologists also respond, when possible, to requests by special interest groups and agribusiness's such as crop consultants, cooperatives and associations supporting agriculture, medical and veterinary associations, pest control operators, and a wide range of related organizations.

Information delivery methods and educational materials vary depending on the need and the audience for which the training is intended. Educational efforts are frequently designed around the expertise and assignment of current personnel, adequacy of local (or pertinent) research base, legislative and administrative mandates, expressed public need (both formal and informal requests), existing or projected conflicts involving arthropod pests and humans, and value of commodity, structure, or issue.

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