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Order Odonata


The Odonata are large insects having four long, many-veined wings of about equal size. They have chewing mouthparts and very short antennae. The metamorphosis is incomplete, the life stages being the egg, naiad, and adult. Dragonflies are larger than damselflies and hold their wings horizontally, like an airplane, when at rest. Damselflies either up-tilt their wings like butterflies or fold them next to the abdomen when at rest. The naiads of Odonata are found in water and the adults near water. Both the adults and naiads feed on other insects. Sometimes the naiads feed on small fish.

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Display case in Waters Hall Showing many Odonates.

Sub order: Zygoptera

Family: Coenagrionidae

Damselfly - Argia apicalis - Blue-fronted Dancer Damselfly


Habitat: Commonly perch on the ground.

(photo by Bruce Marlin)

Family: Libellulidae

Dragonfly - Symptrum sp.


Habitat: Frequent quiet waters of ponds and marshes.

Photo credit

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