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Order Thysanura


The bristletails are fast running, wingless insects, up to 1/2 inch long. They have long antennae and two or three long, appendages at the end of the abdomen (cerci). Bristletails have chewing mouthparts and develop without metamorphosis; that is, the young or growing stages closely resemble the adults, except they are smaller. The life stages are egg, young and adult. Most bristletails live out-of-doors under stones and other objects on the ground. However, the two most common species--the silverfish and the firebrat--live in houses where they feed on rayons, starched clothing, book bindings and other materials containing starch or glue.

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Family Machilidae - Bristletails

Machilis variabilis Say.

Size: 3/8 inch (9mm)
Habitat: under stones or loose bark in spring and early summer.

Family Lepismatidae - Silverfish

Ctenolepisma lineata (Fabricius) - the fourlined silverfish

Size: 5/16 inch (8 mm) long
Habitat: common household pest, eats wallpaper paste, sizing from books and paper, common in flourmills and bakeries.


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