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Kanost, Michael R.

Kanost, Michael R. Professor, Ancillary kanost@ksu.edu Home pageArea(s) of Specialization:
Insect biochemistry and molecular biology. Structure and function of hemolymph serine proteinases, proteinase inhibitors, and antibacterial response proteins from insects. Biochemistry of insect cuticle sclerotization


B.S. , Colorado State, 1979
Ph.D. , Purdue University, 1983


Please visit my home page on the Department of Biochemistry website for a complete list of publications.

Ameri, M., X. Wang, M.J. Wilkerson, M.R. Kanost and A.B. Broce. 2008. An immunoglobulin binding protein (Antigen 5) of the stable fly (Diptera: Muscidae) salivary gland stimulates bovine immune responses. Journal of Medical Entomology 45: 94-101.

Shen, Z., K. Pappan, N.S. Mutti, Q-J. He, M. Denton, Y. Zhang, M.R. Kanost, J.C. Reese, and G. R. Reeck. 2005. Pectinmethylesterase from the rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae: cDNA isolation and dwquencing, genetic origin, and expression of the recombinant enyzyme. Journal of Insect Science 5:21

Levin, D., Breuer, L.N., Zhuang, S., Anderson, S.A., Nardi, J.B. and Kanost, M.R. 2005. A hemocyte-specific integrin required for hemosytic encapsulation in the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 35: 369-380

Arkane, Y., Muthukrishnan, S. Beeman, R.W., Kanost, M.R. and Kramer, K.J. 2005. Laccase 2 is the Phenoloxidase gene required for beetle cuticle tanning. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102: 11337-11342.

Hogenkamp, D., Arakane, Y., Zimoch, L., Merzendorfer, H., Kramer, K.J., Beeman, R.W., Kanost, M., Specht, C.A. and Muthukrishnan, S. 2005. Chitin synthase genes in Manduca sexta: characterization of a gut-specific transcript and differential tissue expression of alternately spliced mRNAs during development. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (in press)

Arkane, Y., Muthukrishnan, S., Kramer, K.J., Specht, C.A., Tomoyasu, Y., Lorenzen, M.D., Kanost, M. and Beeman, R.W. 2005. The Tribolium chitin synthase genes TcCHS1 and TcCHS2 are specialized for synthesis of epidermal cuticle and midgut peritrophic membrane, respectivley. Insect Molecular Biology 14: 453-463.

Shen, Z., M. Denton, N. Mutti, K. Pappan, M.R. Kanost, J.C. Reese, and G.R. Reeck. 2003. Polygalacturonase from Sitophilus oryzae: possible horizontal transfer of a pectinase gene from fungi to weevils. Journal of Insect Science 3:24

Wiegand, C., D. Levin, J.P. Gillespie, E. Willott, M.R. Kanost and T. Trenczek. 2000. Monoclonal antibody MS13 identifies a plasmatocyte membrane protein and inhibits encapsulation and spreading reactions of Manducasexta hemocytes. Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology 45: 95-108