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Department of Entomology
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Opitz, Weston

Opitz, Weston Associate Professor, Adjunct Phone: 785-827-5541 Fax: 785-827-0927 opitz@kwu.eduArea(s) of Specialization:
Classification, phylogeny and zoogeography of Clerid beetles


Opitz, W. 2004. Classification, natural history, and evolution of the Epiphloeinae (Coleoptera : Cleridae). Part II. The genera Chaetophloeusopitz and Plocamoceraspinola. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 280

Optiz, W. 2003. Spermatophones and spermatophore producing internal organs of Cleridae (Coleoptera: Clerinae): their biological and phylogenetic implications. Coleopterists Bulletin 57: 167-190

Optiz, W. 2003. Barriellaopitz: a new genus of Cleridae from Brazil (Coleoptera: Cleirdae: Clerinae). Coleopterists Bulletin 57: 37-42