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Department of Entomology
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Kansas State University
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Boyko, Elena

Boyko, Elena Former Research Assistant Professor 239C W. Waters Hall
Manhattan KS 66506 Phone: (785) 532-4727 Fax: (785) 532-6232 eboyko@ksu.eduArea(s) of Specialization:
Plant molecular genetics


Ph.D. , Vavilov's Institute of General Genetics of National Ac,


Boyko, E. V., C. M. Smith, T. Vankatappa, J. Bruno, Y. Deng, S. R. Starkey, and D. Klaahsen. 2006. The molecular basis of plant gene expression during aphid invasion: wheat Pto- and Pti-like sequences modulate aphid-wheat interaction. Journal of Economic Entomology 99:1430-1445.

Zhu, L., C.M. Smith, A. Fritz, E.V. Boyko and B.S. Gill. 2005. Inheritance and molecular mapping of new greenbug resistance genes in wheat germplasms derifved from Aegilops tauschii. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 111: 831-837.

Boyko, E. V., S. R. Starkey, and C. M. Smith. 2004. Genetic mapping of genes expressing resistance to greenbug and Russian wheat aphid in bread wheat. Theor. Appl. Genet. 109:1230-1236.

Boyko, E., Starkey, S. and Smith, M. 2004. Molecular genetic mapping of Gby, a new greenbug resistance gene in bread wheat. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 109: 1230-1236.

Zhu, L.C., C.M. Smith, A. Fritz, E.V. Boyko and M.B. Flinn. 2004. Genetic analysis and molecular mapping of a wheat gene conferring tolerance to the greenbug (Schizaphis graminum Rondani). Theoretical and Applied Genetics 109: 289-293.