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Department of Entomology

Department of Entomology
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Kansas State University
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Entomology 2025 Plan

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Recent samples and images submitted to the Insect Diagnostic Lab

Note: Images submitted by email  (@gotbugs) offer fast identification based on visual familiarity, but such identifications carry a risk of errors resulting from the inability to use traditional anatomical keys.


January 2017

@gotbugs; a spider bite

Central Kansas District

Black Widow Spider male (Latrodectus sp.)- N/A -

in poultry farm home and poultry housing;

Johnson County

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius)Bed bug

kitchen area;


Carpenter ant alate (Camponotus decipiens)Camponotus
Peabody, KSCarpet beetle larva (Dermestidae)Carpet beetle larva

Atchison County

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius)Bed bug

in a home;

Johnson County

Bat bugs (Cimex sp.)- N/A -