Entomology Seminar Series

The Department of Entomology sponsors a seminar series covering a wide range of topics and speakers. Seminars are normally held on Tuesdays of the spring and fall semesters at 4:30pm. Please join us!

In addition to maintaining a high caliber of speakers, each year the department recognizes alumni and other scientists for their contributions to the science of entomology via the Distinguished Alumnus Award and the Theodore L. Hopkins Distinguished Colloquium Award. The students of the Popenoe Entomology Club also select the Popenoe Speaker each year and sponsor his or her visit to the department.

Seminars will be conducted in-person in WA 231 while Zoom and the recordings are available.

Please contact Dr. Yoonseong Park ypark@ksu.edu with questions, for further information, or to request a Zoom link for a seminar.


Seminars Fall 2023

Date (Day-Month) Speaker Title Host
Ludek Zurek
Mendel University, Czech Republic

Ticks from North Africa in Europe: The good or bad and definitely ugly

Yoonseong Park
Gary Lagrange –
K-State Instructor ENTOM 485 Intro Beekeeping

The Honeybee. A critical part of our Ecology

Yoonseong Park

Paulina Maldonado – Entomology, K-State

Novel approaches to mitigate tick-borne illness

Yoonseong Park

Xiufeng Zhang –
Biology, K-State

Biochemical characterization of CLIP serine proteases and serine protease homologs in the melanization response of Anopheles gambiae Yoonseong Park
26-Sep Subba Reddy Palli –Entomology, University of Kentucky Epigenetic regulation of mosquito development and reproduction Yoonseong Park
3-Oct Tania Kim –
Entomology, K-State
The Landscape Ecology of Insect Arthropods: Examples from KS Agroecosystems Yoonseong Park

Navdeep Mutti –
Corteva Agroscience, Distinguished Alumnus Award

Emerging New Technologies for Pest Management

Yoonseong Park

Zelia Wiley –
Diversity Program and Entomology, K-State

Intersection of Entomology and Diversity

Yoonseong Park
24-Oct Tanner Liba –
Entomology Student Presentation, K-State
Evaluation of quality characteristics, varietal influence, and application of grain protectants on susceptibility to stored product insect infestation Yoonseong Park

No Seminar

ESA meeting preparation

Yoonseong Park

Anastasia Cooper –Entomology, K-State

Characterization of probing behaviors from mosquitos and biting midges with electropenetrography

Yoonseong Park
28-Nov Rupinder Singh –
Entomology Student Presentation, K-State

Investigating the role of sorghum polyphenolics in mediating the resistance to stored product insect infestation

Yoonseong Park
Festus Ajibefun
Entomology Student Presentation, K-State
The Role of Extracellular Vesicles in the Systemic Spread of RNAi in the Southern Corn Rootworm, Diabotrica undecimpunctata Yoonseong Park