Entomology Seminar Series

The Department of Entomology sponsors a seminar series covering a wide range of topics and speakers. Seminars are normally held on Tuesdays of the spring and fall semesters at 4:00pm. Please join us!

In addition to maintaining a high caliber of speakers, each year the department recognizes alumni and other scientists for their contributions to the science of entomology via the Distinguished Alumnus Award and the Theodore L. Hopkins Distinguished Colloquium Award. The students of the Popenoe Entomology Club also select the Popenoe Speaker each year and sponsor his or her visit to the department.

Seminars will be conducted in-person in WA 231 while Zoom and the recordings are available.

Please contact Dr. Yoonseong Park ypark@ksu.edu with questions, for further information, or to request a Zoom link for a seminar.


Spring 2024 Seminar Schedule

Date (Day-Month) Speaker Title Host
06-Feb Amy Hudson

Weaving earth observations across space and time to consider the role insect vectors play in continental livestock disease spread

Yoonseong Park
13-Feb Nicole Kucherov
Entomology Student Proposal, K-State

The Role of Landscape Structure in Integrated Pest and Pollinator Management (IPPM)

Yoonseong Park

Heather Poyner
Entomology Student Proposal, K-State

Understanding the interactive effects of Conservation Reserve Program pollinator plantings and beekeeping on native plant-pollinator interactions

Yoonseong Park

Zelia Wiley –
Entomology, K-State

Intersection of Entomology and Diversity Yoonseong Park

Allison Louthan
Biology, K-State

Insect effects on plant populations and communities Yoonseong Park
19-Mar Danielle Holthaus –
Entomology Student Proposal, K-State
Bumble bee conservation in the Great Plains: Investigating the impacts of land cover type, land management techniques, and climate change on local and regional species distributions Yoonseong Park

Shaonpius Mondal,
Entomology, University of Nebraska

Understanding emergence and dominance of virus/virus strains - what stories can co-infection tell?

Yoonseong Park

Arnaud Martin, Biology, The George Washington University

Popenoe Club Invited Speaker - Genetic evolution caught on the wing of butterflies

Popenoe Entomology Club

Herman Griese –
Entomology Student Proposal, K-State

The effects of larval exposure to antibiotics, and it's impact on pesticide resistance in Musca domestica

Yoonseong Park
23-Apr Dawson Christensen – Entomology Student Proposal, K-State Effects of Cold Acclimation on the Thermal Preference and Dispersal in the Lesser Grain Borer Yoonseong Park

Laura Burkle, Ecology, Montana State University

Ted Hopkins Distinguished Colloquium Invited Speaker - Plant-pollinator interactions from traits to landscapes

Tania Kim & Brian Spiesman


Chip Markwardt – Entomology Student Proposal, K-State

Saccharine ceratopogonids: Sugar-feeding behaviors of Culicoides midges

Yoonseong Park