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Department of Entomology

Department of Entomology
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 Entomology's 2025 Strategic Plan

Entomology 2025 Plan

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Fundamental Insect Science

Fundamental Insect Science

  • Fundamental insect biology and processes  Srini with student
  • Genomics and bioinformatics research, including a better understanding of function of genes and their products
  • Evolutionary and phylogenetic relationships and population genetics of arthropods
  • Vector biology, virulence mechanisms, epidemiology,and basic biology of vectors and pathogens
  • Mine Arthropods and associated organisms for natural products and biopharmaceutical and pharmacological secretions

Check out the research focus of our faculty members listed to the right, or go to our People Page to read about all our faculty's research interests.

Courses with an emphasis in this core area

*Not offered in all years

Course No:CourseSemesterCreditsDelivery Method 
ENTOM 301Insects and PeopleFall3On Campus    
ENTOM 620Insecticides: Properties and LawsSpring**2On Campus    
ENTOM 692Insect EcologySpring*3On Campus    
ENTOM 710Insect TaxonomyFall*3On Campus    
ENTOM 799Problems in EntomologyFall
VOn Campus    
ENTOM 820Biological ControlSpring*3On Campus    
ENTOM 830Molecular EntomologyFall**2On Campus    
ENTOM 840Immature InsectsSummer*2On Campus    
ENTOM 857Toxicology of InsecticidesSpring*3On Campus    
ENTOM 866Insect MorphologySpring**3On Campus    
ENTOM 875Insect PhysiologySpring**4On Campus    
ENTOM 893Controversies in Insect EcologyFall*3On Campus    
ENTOM 910Insect GeneticsFall*3On Campus    
ENTOM 932Topics in General and Systematic EntomologySummer
VOn Campus    
ENTOM 950Conceptual Issues in EvolutionFall**3On Campus   


Susan J. Brown
Insect genomics

James F. Campbell
Behavioral ecology

Ming-Shun Chen
Molecular genetics

Rollie J. Clem
Regulation of apoptosis

Roman Reddy Ganta
Molecular biology

Michael R. Kanost
Insect immunity

David Margolies
Ecology, genetics and behavior

J.P. Michaud
Biological Control

Subbaratnam Muthukrishnan
Hormonal and genetic regulation

James R. Nechols
Biological Control

Brenda Oppert

Yoonseong Park
Insect neuropeptides

A. Lorena Passarelli

Gerald R. Reeck
Insect proteinase inhibitors

C. Michael Smith
Marker assisted selection 

Kimberly A. With
Landscape ecology of insects

Kun Yan Zhu
Insect toxicology

Gregory Zolnerowich
Systematics and phylogenetics

Ludek Zurek
Gastro-intestinal microbial ecology