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Department of Entomology

Department of Entomology
123 W. Waters Hall
1603 Old Claflin Place
Kansas State University
Manhattan KS 66506-4004

785-532-6232 fax

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 Entomology's 2025 Strategic Plan

Entomology 2025 Plan

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Core Values

These Core Values of the Department of Entomology influence everyone in the department and guide the conduct of our day-to-day activities.

Scholarship and Service
  • We take pride in our work and strive for excellence in our quest to discover and disseminate new knowledge.
  • We provide opportunities that stimulate creativity and innovation.
  • We encourage integrative thinking and collaboration in the formulation and exploration of scientific questions.
  • We are engaged with the scientific professions, industry, and the people of Kansas and the world.

Professional Growth and Learning

  • We maintain an environment that fosters the intellectual and personal development of students, faculty, and staff.
  • We provide an atmosphere in which faculty and students are free to investigate, apply and transfer knowledge.
  • We promote critical thinking, engaged learning, and creativity.
  • We recognize achievement by students, faculty, and staff

Integrity and Respect

  • We speak and act truthfully and keep our commitments.
  • We operate with honesty and transparency.
  • We display professional conduct and show respect for everyone with whom we interact.
  • We honor academic freedom, responsibility, and shared governance.