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Department of Entomology

Department of Entomology
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Museum Loan and Visitor Policy

Loans of specimens to qualified researchers are encouraged, and the museum is open to all users.

Museum specimens, both determined and undetermined, are available for loan to researchers. In the case of graduate students who need to borrow material, the loan is made to the student's faculty advisor. Loans are typically made for two years, and can be renewed upon request. Primary type material is loaned for a period of three months and should be returned by registered airmail. Deposition of newly-described type material based on KSU-MEPAR specimens should be discussed with the Curator.

Borrowers who wish to dissect any specimen are required to do so in such a way that the specimen suffers the least possible damage, and must ensure that dissected parts are correctly preserved and associated with the remainder of the specimen. Material that is to be used for molecular analysis should be discussed with the Curator. Permission is needed to coat specimens for SEM examination.

Specimen loans may not be transferred to other persons, and may not be relocated without prior approval of the Curator.

Acknowledgment of KSU-MEPAR in a publication resulting from the study of materials borrowed from the museum is requested, as is a reprint.

Visitors are encouraged to utilize the museum, and workspace and microscopes are available for use. The museum does not charge any fees for loans or use of the collection.