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Department of Entomology

Department of Entomology
123 W. Waters Hall
1603 Old Claflin Place
Kansas State University
Manhattan KS 66506-4004

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Entomology 2025 Plan

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Entomology Seminar Series

The Department of Entomology sponsors a seminar series covering a wide range of topics and speakers. Seminars are normally held on Tuesdays of the spring and fall semesters from 4 -5 pm.  Please join us!

In addition to maintaining a high caliber of speakers, each year the department recognizes alumni and other scientists for their contributions to the science of entomology via the Distinguished Alumnus Award and the Theodore L. Hopkins Distinguished Colloquium Award. The students of the Popenoe Entomology Club also select the Popenoe Speaker each year and sponsor his or her visit to the department.

All seminars will be conducted remotely by Zoom. Please contact entomology@ksu.edu or tkim@ksu.edu for further information or questions.

Graduate student research proposal seminar evaluation form.

 ** Preceding the seminar, there will be a student forum where graduate students and postdocs can interact with our out-of-town speakers from 3:30-4:00 pm. Those seminars are indicated with astericks.** 


Entomology Virtual Seminar Schedule
Kansas State University
Spring 2021


Speaker/Presentation Title


Jan 26

Parade of Entomology Faculty

Dr. Tania Kim

Feb 2

Parade of USDA Faculty

Drs. Erin Scully and Rob Morrison

Feb 9**

Dr. Astri Wayadande (Oklahoma State University). "Leafhoppers are cool but mosquitos suck!: Using electropenetrography to discover the secrets of blood-feeding arthropods"

Victoria Pickens

Feb 16**

Dr. Jen White (University of KY) --Rescheduled (May 11)

Hannah Stowe

Feb 23**

Dr. Randa Jabbour (University of Wyoming). "Pest Management Research at the Interface of Ecology and Sociology"

Jacqueline Maille

Mar 2**

Dr. Chase Stratton (The Land Institute). "Sustainable pest management and ecological intensification"

Trevor Witt

Mar 9**

Dr. Dominic Evangelista (Adelphi University). "Phylogenetics of Strange and Unknown Blattodea"

Caleb Sowers

Mar 16

Dr. Rachel Harman (Kansas State University, Entomology). "Habitat fragmentation and range margin effects on dispersal and interactions between competitors". 

Dr. Tania Kim

Mar 23**

Dr. Punya Nachappa (Colorado State University). "Wild wild west: emerging viruses of wheat and hemp in Colorado"

Nicholas Van Pelt 

Mar 30

Dr. Natalia Cernicchiaro (Kansas State University, Vet School). "Use of Epidemiological Approaches to Investigate the Risk of Emergence of the Japanese Encephalitis Virus in the USA"

Brandon Hall

Apr 6**

Dr. Susan Packewitz (Popenoe Invited Speaker, University of Wisconsin Madison). "Ecology and management of vector-borne disease in the Upper MIdwest".

Valerie Nguyen

Apr 13

Nicholas Vanpelt (M.Sc. Proposal Seminar). "Physical Methods for Pest Management of Stored Product Mites"

Dr. Tom Phillips

Apr 20

Jacqueline Maille (Ph.D. Proposal Seminar). 


Dr. Erin Scully

Apr 27

Dr. Thomas Phillips (2020 Commerce Bank Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award, Kansas State University). "Insects in Your Cereal: Research on Pest Management for Stored Foods"

Dr.  Claudia Petrescu (Vice Provost for Graduate Education
and Dean of the Graduate School)

May 4

Jacqueline Maille (Ph.D. Proposal Seminar). "Sniffing out stored product pests and determining the genetic basis of chemosensation in Plodia interpunctella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)"Dr. Erin Scully

May 11**

Dr. Jen White (University of Kentucky). “Microbial symbionts as drivers of arthropod ecology and biological control”.-

Hannah Stowe

May 18

Caleb Sowers (M.Sc. Proposal Seminar).  "Sunup to sundown: Assessing plant-pollinator interaction dynamics through high-throughput automated pollination monitoring" 

Dr. Brian Spiesman


Streaming Video

Some Seminars are available LIVE via streaming video (using windows media player). Go to video page before the start of seminar . Archived seminars are available the week following seminar.

Other Seminars

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