Entomology Insect Newsletters 2005

Issue #26, October 31, 2005
Insects Noticeable in Some Wheat Fields; Mysterious Webbing Explained; False Chinch Bugs on the Move
Issue #25, October 21, 2005
Itch Mites Linked to Oak Trees Plaguing Midwesterners Again; Diagnostic Laboratory Report
Issue #24, October 14, 2005 Cool Weather Signals Invasion
Issue #23, September 30, 2005
Woolly bear caterpillars; Brome and Grubs; Green Cloverworm in Soybeans - Follow-Up and Images
Issue #22, September 23, 2005 Hessian fly; Worms in Alfalfa
Issue #21, September 16, 2005
White Grubs in Brome; White Grubs in Soybeans; Sorghum Midge Detected in Southwest Kansas; Soybeans; Calls on Alfalfa - Seedling and Established Stands; Diagnostic Laboratory Report
Issue #20, September 9, 2005
Wheat; Soybeans -- Defoliation Continues to be a Concern in Many Areas; Worms Also Being Reported in Alfalfa; Sorghum Worms; Diagnostic Laboratory Report
Issue #19, September 2, 2005
Soybean Insects-Late Season-Watch Fields Closely.
Info about Corn and Soybean Insect Pest Handbooks
Issue #18, August 26, 2005
Soybean Stem Borer - Look for Dying Leaves; More holes in bean leaves; Diagnostic Laboratory Report
Issue #17, August 19, 2005
Be a Good Neighbor: Control Your Volunteer Wheat; Brown dog ticks may transmit Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever to People; Diagnostic Laboratory Report
Issue #16, August 12, 2005
Preventative Treatments Against Annual White Grubs; Number of Horse Flies on Cattle and Horses Becoming Noticeable; Sorghum; Diagnostic Laboratory Report
Issue #15, August 5, 2005
West Nile virus, Spider Mites on Soybeans, Soybean Aphids, Corn Borers, Worms on Corn, Sunflower Head Moth, Head Clipper Weevil, and Diagnostic Laboratory Report

Issue #14, July 29, 2005
Drain Flies, a.k.a. Moth Flies, In Indoor Animal Facilities; Are these chiggers, mosquitoes or itch mite bites?; Pesticide Search Tools; Bee Registrations Accepted on Sensitive Crops Website; API LIFE VAR Section 18; Dursban End Use for Termite Treatments; Potato Leafhoppers; Soybean Stem Borers; Japanese Beetles Adding to Soybean Defoliation; Soybean Aphids Verified in NE Kansas; Diagnostic Laboratory Report

Issue #13, July 15, 2005 Revised
Publication on Spiders and Scorpions; An update on West Nile virus in Kansas in 2005; Grasshoppers; Potato leafhoppers; Where are all the sunflower moths?; Holes in soybean leaves?; Japanese Beetle Reports (green June beetle, elm leaf beetle, bagworms); Diagnostic Laboratory Report

Issue #12, July 8, 2005
Reference of Interest: Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference; Soybean Aphid Review - Past Experiences of Nearby States; Soybean Aphids, Spider Mites, and White Grubs Across the Border in Missouri; Soybean Stem Borer, Dectes texanus; Diagnostic Laboratory Report

Issue #11, June 30, 2005
Assess Insect Management Performance; Time to Rate Roots for Rootworm Injury; Potato Leafhoppers; Cotton Insects; Diagnostic Laboratory Report

Issue #10, June 24, 2005
To Treat or Not to Treat?...That is the Question; Bagworm Update; Insecticide Update; Grain Protectants; The Worst of Stable Fly Populations In Pastures Is Almost Over; Diagnostic Laboratory Report

Issue #9, June 17, 2005
Field Scouting Results - NE Kansas, Field Corn Scouting Results, Soybean Aphid Scouting Results, Other crop pests and comments on some beneficial insects, Corn Rootworms, Terrestrial isopods (pillbugs, sowbugs), Soybean Stem Borer, New web site, Mosquitoes, Diagnostic Laboratory Report

Issue #8, June 10, 2005
Wood Roach, EPA Pesticide Program Update from EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs 06/06/05, Is it a mole or a camel?, Soybean Aphid update, Armyworm in Wheat, Watch for Spider Mites in Soybeans, Gulf Coast Ticks Make Their Presence Felt in Kansas, Several newly revised publications just in time for summer gardening season, Diagnostic Laboratory Report

Issue #7, June 3, 2005
2005 Kansas Restricted Use Pesticide Publication Available, Stored Grain, Cotton Insect Management

Issue #6, May 26, 2005
Wheat Head Armyworm, Hessian Fly, Wheat Stem Maggot, One Question: 3 Possible Answers, Bagworms, Diagnostic Laboratory Report

Issue #5, May 19, 2005
West Nile Virus Vaccine for People - an update, Hessian Fly, Chinch bugs, Bean Leaf Beetles on Newly Emerging Soybeans

Issue #4, May 13, 2005
Billbugs in Turf, Alfalfa Regrowth and Insect Concerns, Diagnostic Laboratory Report

Issue #3, April 29, 2005
Its been cool but...., The Alfalfa Weevil Situation, Watch for Early Season Corn Insects, Mosquito Misters, Mosquito Repellents, Use of Insecticides Linked to Lasting Neurological Problems for Farmers, Diagnostic Laboratory Report

Issue #2, April 21, 2005
Russian Wheat Aphid a Potential Concern in Western Kansas this Spring, Illegal Use of Sodium Cyanide

Issue #1, April 14, 2005
"Old Faithful(s)", "Cabbageworms"