Kansas Insect Newsletter 2006

Issue #25, September 22, 2006
Hessian Fly; Cooper Re-registration Eligibility Decision (RED) Available; Wollybear Caterpillars and Hornworms
Issue #24, September 8, 2006Harpalus pennsylvanicus; Wheat Streak Risk
Issue #23, September 1, 2006
Green cloverworms on Soybeans
Issue #22, August 25, 2006
What's the buzz?----Part 2; Anhydrous Ammonia and Africanized Honey Bee Training for First Responders; Are Oak Leaf Itch Mite Populations Declining?; Control Volunteer Wheat; Soybean Aphids; Soybean Insects
Issue #21, August 18, 2006
"Worms" in Sorghum
Issue #20, August 4, 2006
Fall webworm activities noted; Preventative treatments to control annual white grubs; Dectes Stem Borer (soybeans); Soybean Aphids; Potato Leafhoppers; Worms, Worms and more Worms;
Issue #19, July 28, 2006
Feedback Needed on Rootworm Resistant Corn; Soybean Aphid; Corn Borer; Cotton Bollworm; Spider Mites
Issue #18, July 21, 2006
Out in the pumpkin patch; Failure to address bagworms; Head Moth Alert for Sunflower Growers; Spider mites and Western Bean Cutworms;
Issue #17, July 14, 2006
What's the buzz?; "Browning" of honeylocust; Second Generation Corn Borer; Sunflower Moth; New Insecticide Label - Delta Gold; Cattail Caterpillars; European Corn Borer; Diagnostic Laboratory Report
Issue #16, July 7, 2006
Corn Rootworm Beetles Emerging; Grasshoppers; Southwestern Corn Borer
Issue #15, June 30, 2006
They come in all shapes and sizes; Spray for bagworms now; Potato leafhoppers; Dectes Soybean Stem Borer; Soybean Aphid Watch 2006; Cotton Scouting Videos; Time to Rate Roots for Rootworm Injury; Diagnostic Laboratory Report
Issue #14, June 23, 2006
In the bucket; And Where Are the Bagworms; Cotton Fleahoppers; Intrepid now labeled for soybeans; Hessian Fly
Issue #13, June 16, 2006
No Recommended or Proven Method for Control of Itch Mites Yet; Diagnostic Laboratory Report
Issue #12, June 9, 2006
Some cockroaches are O.K.; Bagworm egg hatch -- approaching the halfway point; Supracide Labeled for Use on Sorghum; Thrips Pose Threat to Various Crops; Wheat Head Armyworm; Diagnostic Laboratory Report
Issue #11, June 2, 2006
Pretty but; The upcoming flurry of activity; Chinch bugs; Mites on Corn; Thrips on Cotton; Hessian Fly; Wheat Streak; Diagnostic Laboratory Report
Issue #10, May 26, 2006
Bagworms - 2006; Considerations for controlling wood-borning insects; New Bait for House Flies: Elector Bait; Beware, hairy structures under oak leaves not caused by itch mites; Wheat streak mosaic virus epidemic in southwest Kansas
Issue #9, May18, 2006
Passing of Dr. Randy Higgins; Come and Done - Where are they now?; What's current; Honey Dew; Hessian Fly; Spider Mites in Wheat and Corn; Cattle Behavior Tells What Flies Are Present; Dynamics of Pest Flies in Kansas; New Edition of Hispanic Environmental Health Page Focuses on Pesticides
Issue #8, May 12, 2006
Update on New Russian Wheat Aphid Biotype and Reminder to Get Grain Bins Ready for Harvest
Issue #7, May 5, 2006
Wheat Stem Maggot; Black Cutworms; 2006 West Nile Virus surveillance of mosquitoes in Kansas has started; Gulf Coast Tick Outbreak in Southeastern Kansas; Plant Movement, Fire Ants and other pests; Diagnostic Laboratory Report
Issue #6, April 27, 2006
New and current; And approaching the finish line; Carpenter Bees; Honey Bee Swarms; Termite Season; Alfalfa; Diagnostic Laboratory Report
Issue #5, April 21, 2006
Alfalfa; Tracer Section 3 Federal Label additions; Sustainable Agriculture Network Publication for Insect Management; Maggot droppings from oak trees not related to itch mite problem; Asparagus Insect Pests; Defoliating Beetles; Pine tip moth activities; Diagnostic Laboratory Report
Issue #4, April 14, 2006
In the garden; And on the trees; The end of April - beginning of May is time for Annual Booster for Horses against the West Nile Virus in Kansas; Kelathane Phase Out; New biotype of RWA detected in Hays; Capture® LFR™ Registration and Launch; Alfalfa; Wheat
Issue #3, April 7, 2006
Alfalfa; Weevils and Aphids - Keep Watch on Alfalfa Fields; African Honey Bees; In the "dirt"; Within the past week
Issue #2, March 31, 2006
Some Want In - Others Want Out
Issue #1, March 17, 2006
Corn Planting and Insect Management; Alfalfa Weevil