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Graduate Certificate Program

Graduate students in several disciplines such as agronomy, animal science, biochemistry, biological sciences, genetics, veterinary diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, horticulture, and plant pathology are conducting research on topics that may include insects and plant protection/pest management. Such students may wish to demonstrate proficiency in entomology, making them more suitable for certain jobs. In order to strengthen their educational programs and the quality of graduate education without detracting from their existing graduate degree programs, an entomology certificate program has been developed.

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the entomology certificate program are:
  • To prepare graduates for careers related to entomology or plant protection/pest management
  • To encourage interdisciplinary educational experiences in entomology
  • To enhance the educational experiences of participating graduate students

  • Certificate Requirements

    The course requirements for the certificate program in entomology are as follows: At the master's and Ph.D. level, 12 credit hours are required PLUS one credit of Entomology Seminar (ENTOM 995). The list of courses can include BIOCH 907 (Advanced Topics in Insect Biochemistry). The certificate program will require a focused and thematic program of study in the various sub-disciplines of entomology, which would complement the student’s interests and area of expertise, thus, helping develop additional skills. The student’s transcript will reflect that (s)he has completed requirements for the Entomology Graduate Certificate. In lieu of a course based on classroom work, a student may register for ENTOM 899 or 999 Research in Entomology, and undertake a research project or register for ENTOM 799 Special Topics, and undertake specialized, independent study. The certificate program requires that it be a blend of traditional and experiential learning opportunities. Students will be advised by entomology faculty on thematic foci and requirements.

    A list of approved courses (see below) for the certificate program is available at http://www.k-state.edu/grad/catalog/entom.htm

    Measuring Learning Outcomes

    Students are expected to achieve a breadth of thematic, entomological knowledge. The student has to complete a course with a grade of B or better; the seminar course (ENTOM 995) will serve as a capstone course, where the student is expected to present a seminar pertaining to the theme of their certificate requirements. The department faculty will evaluate the seminar course and whether it meets the thematic focus.

    Administration of the Entomology Certificate Program

    The Head of the Entomology Department or his (her) designate will administer/coordinate the entomology certificate program.

    Entomology courses to be included in the certificate program of study for an advanced degree must be approved by the student's supervisory committee and the coordinator of the entomology certificate program. A copy of the approved program will be distributed to the student, major professor, and the graduate school. A file will be maintained for each student in the certificate program by the administrative office in the Department of Entomology. Where some courses for the certificate program are not included in the advanced degree program of study, the course list should be approved by the major professor and the coordinator of the entomology certificate program. For example, the student may decide to complete the certificate program after the advanced degree program of study is already filed and nearly complete.

    The entomology course and curriculum committee and graduate faculty may review the entomology certificate program periodically, and will have the authority to approve modifications to the approved list of courses.

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