Animal and Human Health

Livestock and companion animals and humans, oh my! Pesky mosquitos, biting flies, ticks, and more are serious concerns for our animals and us. We research how these arthropods spread disease and how to control them.

Animal Health

Our research groups have projects which seek to control numerous livestock pests including biting flies, mosquitos, ticks, and midges.

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Human and One Health

Understanding how insects and arthropods find hosts can lead to insights on how to control them. Preventing bites is a major part of protecting us. Pests occur as part of a complex web of interactions with people, animals, and the environment. The concept of One Health seeks to understand these interactions and form solutions in a broader context.

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Tiny Flies

Pest Management

We research methods to reduce the burden of pest insects and arthropods using traditional and novel techniques. Many of these methods seek to reduce the use of broad-spectrum insecticides by replacing them with safer alternatives for the environment.

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