Soybean Insects

Seedcorn Beetle, Stenolophus lecontei, and Seedcorn Maggot, Delia platura.

SC beetle

Adult seedcorn beetle


Seedcorn maggot feeding.

These are soil-infesting insects that attack seeds shortly after planting. Damage is heaviest in cool, wet springs that delay germination and plant emergence. Recent problems in Kansas seem associated with heavy applications of liquid or solid livestock manure just before planting and where soybeans are planted in no-till situations.

Some planter box seed treatments containing permethrin (Kernel Guard Supreme or KickStart VP) are labeled for controlling these pests in soybeans. The seed treatments Thiamethoxam (Cruiser or CrusierMaxx) and Imidacloprid (Attendant, Dyna-Shield Imidacloprid and Senator)) are labeled for protecting soybeans against the seed corn maggot. Follow label directions and DO NOT use leftover seed for food, oil or livestock feed.

Please refer to the most recent Soybean Insect Management Guide for specific rates and control recommendations.

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