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Department of Entomology

Department of Entomology
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Kansas State University
Manhattan KS 66506-4004

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Entomology 2025 Plan

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Graduate Program

The Department of Entomology at Kansas State University has an internationally recognized graduate program, leading to the M.S. or Ph.D. degree. A wide variety of opportunities for graduate study are offered in several areas of both applied and basic research. We also offer a Graduate Certificate Program, allowing graduate students in other disciplines to develop and demonstrate proficiency in entomology.

We currently have more than 30 hard working graduate students in the department: about half of whom are working towards their Masters in Entomology and the others for PhDs. 

Our goal is to provide students with opportunities for practical experience and course credit in research, teaching, extension, and outreach. Doctoral students are required and master’s students are encouraged to develop teaching and grantsmanship skills. Students publish in some of the leading science and entomology journals. The department encourages presentation of student research at professional meetings by offering student travel awards. In addition to the seminar series, which brings nationally and internationally recognized scientists to the department, faculty and students participate together in journal discussion groups on a variety of entomological topics. Students have opportunities to develop outreach skills by participating in the Entomology Club and volunteering at the Insect Zoo.

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