FFA Collections

The K-State Popenoe Entomology Club sells insect collections as a service to FFA (Future Farmers of America) instructors. The collections include 70 specimens needed to prepare for the Entomology section of the FFA Career Development Event (CDE), which is sponsored by the Department of Entomology at Kansas State University. Each collection currently costs $100.00 (includes postage and handling). The revenue generated from the collections support professional development and related club activities to ensure continued participation of students in the club, and thus ensure the sale of our insect kits in the future. Thank you for your continued support of Entomology students at K-State.

Please download and fill in a form to order your collections. Be sure to include a copy of your tax exempt form unless it is already on file.

To place an order please contact:
Popenoe Entomology Club | Department of Entomology | Kansas State University
123 W. Waters Hall | 1603 Old Claflin Pl. | Manhattan KS 66506-4004
Email: popenoe@ksu.edu

--FFA Kit Order Form - MS Word--

A copy of the master list is available as a PDF file. --download Master List--

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